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Firearm Consignment Sales in Charleston, SC

Allied Arms is proud to offer customer-owned inventory in our showroom. Due to persistent demand, we are rearranging our displays to add more used firearms. We will use our constant foot traffic on Highway 78 to showcase your items and proudly display them for sale.


In addition, our consignment will be the basis for our growing used firearm inventory. We currently have used Glock Police trade-ins on display and are actively pursuing great deals for our customers to take advantage of.


Now is a great time to look at what you own and decide if you would like to free up some funds to purchase something else. In some cases, we will be prepared to offer you a cash buyout if it enhances our product mix. As always, we offer you a unique environment to discuss firearms with knowledgeable staff, while being greeted and offered assistance.


Feel free to bring your firearm in for an informal appraisal with Randy Miller, a five-tour retired Marine. He will discuss firearm condition, multiple pricing levels and might even make a cash offer. We welcome all inquiries.


Email us with any questions. info@allied-arms.com


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