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NFA Gun Trusts in Charleston, SC

How to Buy an NFA Weapon With a Trust in Charlestons SC

The easiest way to legally own an NFA item such as an SBR or suppressor is by forming a legal trust. This will help you avoid going through the alternative process, which is to be fingerprinted and get a signature from the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your area.  An NFA trust is specifically drafted for the acquisition and ownership of all NFA items.


The benefits of a NFA Firearm Trust include but are not limited:


  • No CLEO signature required

  • No fingerprints required

  • No photographs required

  • Shortens time for the paperwork to clear the ATF

  • Privacy

  • Incapacity or death is more easily handled


As a Class III dealer, Allied Arms is your trusted source for all NFA acquisitions and transfers. Our organization has established a relationship with Ryan Schwartz of the Thrower & Schwartz Law Firm, to assist you in establishing your trust. Ryan is a firearms advocate and has significant experience forming these gun trusts for all enthusiasts. He has graciously extended a special price to all Allied Arms clients in the amount of $175.00.


More information and details about your gun trust form is available at the law firm’s website


  • Transfer fee if purchased from other vendor $50

  • Transfer fee if purchased from Allied Arms $25

Class Three Weapons Trust
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