Once your firearm is received, we ask that you give us a few hours or even 1 business day before attempting to come and pick up. We are out of warehouse space at the moment and need all transfers picked up within 24-48 hours of arrival. Thank you.
Allied Arms Staff

Firearm Transfers in Charleston, SC

Transfer Fee: $20.00

FFL Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An FFL Dealer?

Federal Firearms License. Allied Arms holds a firearms license for the purpose of selling firearms to individuals locally, out of state and to receive firearms purchased from other dealers around the country. If you are a local buyer, you can purchase a firearms online and choose us to be your ffl transfer dealer. This means that we will handle the necessary paperwork to receive the firearm from your dealer and transfer it to you. What makes us unique is that we encourage transfers when not purchasing from our store directly.

Can I Buy A Gun From An FFL Dealer Without License?

Not legally. By federal law, a 4473 Firearms Transfer Record must be completed along with FBI background check (NICS) or by using an SC Concealed Weapons Permit.

How To Find A Dealer's FFL Number?

This information is not given out to the general public. Once you click on our transfer request form, we contact your dealer and submit our FFL license and contact information so they may ship your firearm to our office.

What Type Of Paperwork Do I Need To Fill Out When Getting A Gun Through FFL Dealer?

A 4473 Firearms Transfer Record. We use an electronic system that is much faster to process than using paper records.

Can A Private Individual Ship A Pistol To An FFL Dealer Across The Us?

Yes, as long as it is done through an FFL, like Allied Arms. You can bring us any handgun you would like to ship along with the contact information for the out of state FFL where you would like the firearm shipped to. We will communicate with them, charge you the $20 transfer fee with corresponding freight and ship your firearm to them.

** If you have an iPhone, you can download the AIMI 4473 mobile app from the App Store and complete it remotely to avoid having to complete it at the shop. Once you complete the form on your phone, choose Allied Arms as the transfer dealer and your information will be sent to our office remotely. 


** In the FFL Dealer's email box, do not input our email. Instead, give us the email for whoever is shipping the firearm to us so we can send them our FFL License. Thank you.