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Blue Label Order Form

Glock Blue Label Dealer in Charleston, SC

Glock Blue Label Order Form

Please do not submit this form if you are not eligible to purchase a Glock Blue Label product. These firearms will not be released to anyone without proper identification/association under program rules. It is designed for law enforcement, military, first responders, solicitors, and licensed security. For eligibility requirements, please click here.


If you are interested in ordering a Blue Label firearm, please complete and submit the form below. Please do not order a firearm if you cannot pick-up as soon as it is available. Upon receipt, we will check inventory status and call you to arrange pick-up. If you do not receive a call the same day, we will be ordering your firearm to arrive within the next 48-72 hours. Thank you for your patience. Only 2 Blue Label products per individual can be purchased in a single year. GSSF members are only issued one coupon per year. If you want to purchase a second firearm, please submit the model at the same time in the Notes section. Thank you for supporting our organization and please recommend us to fellow associates who might also be eligible...


Blue label pricing is for cash/check only. Credit card payments add 3% to pricing below.

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